Thursday, September 13, 2007

Landen on Mars

One of my very best friends visited me today and he doesn't even know it yet. Perusing through a very well known artsy, awesome, counter culture-ish magazine, (you'd be familiar, think "place in proximity") I saw his work . . . His piece was the backdrop for an ad encouraging young folks to attend the college where he recently earned his MFA. Holy Mother! Way to go Adam. Just remember Mr. Mars, that we are a decade shy (plus or minus - well, plus) of reaching 40, and that's when, if all else fails, we will be betrothed. So sheesh, take her easy! Adam and I have that silly heterosexual pact that only paranoid products of a Puritan society agree to . . . if we aren't married by the time we're forty, then it's our time to shine. Adam and I would be great together. Sexual tension since we were in the sixth grade, we at least have the friendship part down, and really, when you grow old with someone, isn't that the best part? Here's to you my man from Mars! Congratulations, and remember that I saw that piece and the tattoo you used as inspiration before many a soul, which meas only one thing. Can I get an extra drink ticket at your next opening?

This snapshot hails from our local Laguna Tattoo Parlor. Adam is on the right and has waaaay more hair these days. That other stallion is Jeff, check out his new ink . . . they were about 7 years younger in this photo, but thanks to botox, they haven't aged a day!

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