Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cute Or Cut?

When you have a good hair day, just go with it. Accept the compliments and remember not to fret the fact that you may never get the same, perfect angles shredded just so, to frame your little, perhaps odd face again . . . instead remember that hair is already dead. So whatever locks may be admired in the moment, have actually already had their day in the sun. That's why they're faded and look light like summer night lights. But again, they are simply sad follicles that crave to be renewed, trimmed, pruned and ultimately get cut short, boy short. But before you do go the deleting distance, stick some clips and ribbons and pencils and feathers in your microscopically made mane and dare to wear deceased hair. And when someone notices your Rapunzel lengths and ornate ornaments, always remember to say thank you, keeping any silly disclaimers to yourself. For tomorrow, after a night of thinking "what if" and then making a grandiose chop, at least you'll know folks liked it and weren't faking with an obligatory, "no, it looks good, like you're five again . . . and it's probably so easy to manage." Or my favorite, "it'll grow back."

Hair's to you!

If you do chop, save at least nine inches and donate them to Locks for Love. Win - Win.

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molly said...

the hair post i wish i'd written. and maybe still will, now that you inspire!