Sunday, September 30, 2007

i AM loved!

I should share this . . . even if only for myself. I am so lucky, so very lucky . . . thanks Mama, I simply could not Love you more . . .

Begin Mother Dialogue:

"Wow . . . again you thrill me and make me feel so proud to be your Mom. Fascinating...but the ALMOST BUS that was scary. Be ever so careful of listening to your Ipod while venturing into the wilds of SF. Glad to hear what you said about your former flame. Each day is a new departure into something wonderful which awaits you....all in the attitude and taking supreme joy in just being alive. Love again...Mom"

I just checked my email and found this. I'm so excited that my silly words are truly reaching people I LOVE! And Ma, no need to worry, the Honda is not equipped to facilitate an iPod, so do not fret my pet.

Thank you for the comment sweet Pammy, also know that you can post them on the blog - or I suppose I can simply revive them here. Regardless, tonight, not necessarily more than usual, your words mean so much. I cannot wait to wrap my arms around you! This lovely woman, my Mom, she's visiting, along with my most perfect image and litmus-test-of-a-man Dad, in about a week! Miss you both! And to my readers (aka best pals), you should really meet these two . . . quality, hilarious and the most amazing 60 + (own it!) folks you've yet to meet (guaranteed). xoxoxox

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molly said...

hope to meet them--name the time and place!