Monday, September 24, 2007

Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto

I'm jealous of Jupiter and it's four most notables, nevertheless, tomorrow's lunar calendar boasts an earthly full moon forecast. People easily forget about this strange celestial residing powerhouse and how it truly does effect us all. Beyond shifting the tides of vast oceans and dictating many a female mood, this giant crater studded sphere has lovely illuminating powers that light small faces of street walkers and couples contemplating courtship. Tonight, beneath a radiant moon just one eve shy of full glory, I myself felt the royal beams sweeping across my face and sneaky little mental stirs swirling in my question filled head. To the man in the moon: what say you?

A girl with zero disposable income who pretends to have excess cash, I treated someone to dinner. A favor being returned and reimbursed. The recipient of back to back dinners, one paid for and one hand crafted, I thought it appropriate to share some fine and familiar Italian cuisine with someone who seems to subdue hunger pains, but not my vocal chords. With him, I often forget about the tangible world where cutlery and traffic abound. Our conversations resemble curious strides down simple stray alleys. Sometimes, they delve deep like coal miners unearthing the land, one dig or explosion at a time. Directionless and uncharted respectively. I so thoroughly enjoy this new company. I hope take action and do the things and visit the destinations we so enthusiastically suggest to each other, to see the films we each sing praises of, and to imbibe a few more glasses of handcrafted hops and wine from old vines.

Currently $50 more poor, this evening was far better spent eating a delectable dinner, watching super 8 film footage from the 1960s over a cup of scalding, steaming tea and then walking beneath a luminous moon just one night shy of starlit satiation, than mimic many a manic Monday at home.

Don't forget to look at the moon on Tuesday and heck, make a wish . . . likable indeed.

The beautiful artwork found above is by my fiend Kristina Lewis whose art will soon take up a whole post on this blog, beautiful. For the time being, find more of her work at

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