Saturday, June 28, 2008

good day

I started off my morning like I usually do on a Saturday. Make (or assemble) breakfast for my bff, Mikey. On the menu today: 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 veggie sausage patties and some crisp slices of an organic Fuji apple. yum? hope so. As often as I grocery shop, one would think I'd have more than fruit and flax crackers on hand?!

Then, after some home time with the cat, it was off to a most wonderful art opening. Yes, MM's, the one I spoke of. Amazing. It was a wonderland, an experience of fantastic nature. I cannot explain in words what Mikey does with and to and for the human condition. And how that genre is so connected to our own animal tendencies. Please do see for yourself. I had myself a great afternoon with friends and neighbors and stranger appreciators as well. Hope you get to enjoy soon.


A BFF, MM, aka Mikey, is one of my favorite artists. And no, not just because I love the person and should by extension love the art. I love my sister, respect her artistic talents, but wish she's branch out style wise . . . MM's art, is however, breath taking. I am lucky enough to own a few pieces - have gotten my hands on rare posters and save each card that comes my way, each show flier, and many a scribble of his. Some days ago, I was invited to his studio to help with tiny odds and ends of stitching some stuffing. Me and Sharon and Ariel and Wendy got to hang out with Mikey and chat art and life set against a most exquisite San Francisco summertime sunset.

We gathered to assist in any way for the preparation of a show that happens today. Today, instead of just celebrating Pride with some Dykes on Bikes action, how about making your day's anthem Dykes, Bikes and Mike?!

I hope to see you there, and witness your face as it soaks up the whimsy and emotion and fine application of sentiment painted onto wood, coated in fur, in lines delineating ceilings above. From 3 - 5 this afternoonish evening, there's room for you at the Braunstein/Quay Gallery located at 430 Clementina Street, here in San Francisco.

Why come? Myriad reasons, but most of all "Because You Can't Make Them Stay."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shady Lady

Sunday was quite a day. And an eventful evening of revisiting the heartbreak and wonders of an all too recent ex. Nevertheless, I have a Sunday reminder that is far more than a simple memory: a lovely little flower. My friend Dan buys and loves and names many an orchid. I mentioned once that I'd love to care for such a rare and beautiful plant the way he and his loveliest wife, Robin do. Dan called me on Sunday. Soon thereafter I headed up the street to his familiar home. There, unannounced to me, he gifted me with thee most beautiful creature. Shady Lady is her given name, and I will not change it. She was a plant in need of some serious TLC, an so her previous owners donated her to the place where Dan purchased her. The price he paid, be it a small or grand sum, is a profit whose proceeds then go towards funding HIV education and research. Not only did I get a most beautiful specimen of a plant to take care of, but Dan, and by extension, I got to contribute to the well being of others, of those who suffer far greater feats than simple heartache. Thank you Dan, sincerely, I will do my very best to tend to this little, lovely Shady Lady. And thank you also, for contributing a memory to my recent Sunday that resides not in the realm of the romantic unknown, but in a world of rebirth and spirit and care. Much appreciated.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

What a night?! And what a day too, eh? Today is the anniversary of my parents' wedding. They have been married for 39 years! I can tell you this, "forever is a long time." And like my Dad has also said, "choose your mate wisely." My folks are simply remarkable people. They have not just a love for each other, but after all these years, and most importantly, a friendship. I can only dream about growing old with someone, while maintaining the youthful zeal that they two possess. But for now, I take my days one at a time.

Like today, it was hot hot hot here in San Francisco, but there was an idle wind that made it all the more glorious and bearable. I spent my day drinking iced coffee and cleaning house (see cute kitchen inset). Each window was open to its very fullest capacity, a state in which they rarely have the opportunity to exist. My poor roommate, Gris Gris, however,had a rough time with the heat. While I'm a lady who sacrifices comfort for fun fashion on occasion, my little mister has to wear his fur coat each and everyday. He slept far more than his usual 13 hour daily feline requirement, stretched out on my bed in a his longest yoga inspired elongated position. Nevertheless, I think he'd admit that this day was no less than spectacular.

After briskly walking about my neighborhood with a girlfriend, taking in the sights and running some could be mundane errands, it was a pleasure just to be outside, to be alive and well in the sunlight. My evening was also chalk full of crafty chores, but it, like my afternoon, maintained a truly charming ambiance. I sat and reminisced and caught up with three of my most favorite ladies over some rose wine and olive oil soaked herb slab bread. Our stage had as its backdrop the most spectacularly familiar vistas of my neighborhood and the city in which it rests, snug and simple and stellar. A perfect saunter home, I saw tennis players taking advantage of the late setting sun, and passers by embracing each other in the heat, but more concerned with the production of their own . . .

My phone rang at 9:27 and I hoped it was who it ended up being. I am stuck right now, in a purgatory of sorts, where my heart vacillates between the need to forget and the want to acknowledge his presence. We chatted briefly and I felt good. But our relationship wasn't always so, and continues to struggle with boundaries and contact and effort and even time spent driving. We may be in each other's company tomorrow. I do have my own obligations and schedule, laundry with Mol and pilates. But maybe tucked into my Sunday, we will share some moments. Maybe tomorrow will be the day that I say "I need to get over you, but cannot do it in your presence. I need space. Space and time and thoughts away from you." Or maybe tomorrow could be the day that he apologizes for our fork in the road. I always prefer spoons to forks - their rounded silhouettes, their curved ability to balance on my contoured nose - but unlike a spoon, our union has splintered and become a fork. Oh fork I say! I don't know if we'll have dinner, where cutlery reality and metaphors abound, or if we'll sit and stare and realize that forks and spoons don't match. And a knife could inevitably surface to really cut our ties, our losses, our fears and our comfort levels. Alas, I cannot know, as it is right now, tonight, and not yet tomorrow. Wish me luck. Not the kind that would reunite a perfect table setting (utopia), but the kind of luck that lotto players feel when they win. "I tried, bought the ticket, but never expected this win, this victory, this payback, this acknowledgement resulting in such (albeit monetary) freedom." I would like that luck. The hope to win, without any expectations to do so. Just fingers crossed behind my back. But you know what? I think I should reevaluate my vision of luck, I should think that I am the winning ticket. If not for this game player, for someone else. But perhaps for now, just for me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pause and Effect

Today was full of work. Why must it be 5 whole days though? Sigh. I took advantage of the long lasting sunshine and spent a bit of time reserved outside of work walls for myself and took in some much needed nurturing nature. The community garden up the street always seems to soothe. A few folks were found tending to their roots and various vegetation. I was there to admire, and simultaneously tend to my own mental garden. It needs care, more water and some time to grow. I hope to get a plot of my very own soon.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

she's crafty!

My girlfriends came over last night to get crafty. What a treasure it is to have such wonderful people in my life - who I cherish, and they feel the same . . . sheer bliss, I tell you. We crafted, well, I tried. Mol worked on some simply stunning jewelry and D finished some of her newest little guys, seaming together fabric that is quite frankly, drool-worthy. We ate some summertime fare and reminisced and laughed and enjoyed each other - completely. It's nights like last that make me sane, make me appreciate my life's breath and remind me that it's friends and folks who love us back that count. The relationships that are one sided and don't return our sentiments may be great lessons and good challenges, but who needs to prove themselves? In healthy relationships, we simply shouldn't have to. Life is too short not to love fully and unabashedly and be loved the same way right back. I encourage each of you to find those loves in your life and love them back every moment you can, reminding them and yourself of just how great you make each other feel. Stick with them, celebrate them and yourself and know that it is rare but not hidden, this kind of stellar love. It's found in familiar friendships and even in the smile from a stranger, it is folded into a batch of homemade olive hummus brought to your doorstep, sipped from a bottle of chilled sake brought on a whim, and unearthed on a random Saturday night that took an eternity to arrive. Enjoy your loved ones . . . the time is now.

A big PS: while I will elaborate soon, I must thank the dozen loves in my life who made these, non-computer generated photos possible. I used my new camera!!! Mikey - u likey? xoxox

Sunday, June 1, 2008

True Story

The next year of your life will be different.

This quote from an author I love, makes me hopeful. And maybe even a little wary too. Maybe this year, I'll look like this girl. Pretty shoes, relaxed posture, observing my life happening somewhere in Paris?