Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shady Lady

Sunday was quite a day. And an eventful evening of revisiting the heartbreak and wonders of an all too recent ex. Nevertheless, I have a Sunday reminder that is far more than a simple memory: a lovely little flower. My friend Dan buys and loves and names many an orchid. I mentioned once that I'd love to care for such a rare and beautiful plant the way he and his loveliest wife, Robin do. Dan called me on Sunday. Soon thereafter I headed up the street to his familiar home. There, unannounced to me, he gifted me with thee most beautiful creature. Shady Lady is her given name, and I will not change it. She was a plant in need of some serious TLC, an so her previous owners donated her to the place where Dan purchased her. The price he paid, be it a small or grand sum, is a profit whose proceeds then go towards funding HIV education and research. Not only did I get a most beautiful specimen of a plant to take care of, but Dan, and by extension, I got to contribute to the well being of others, of those who suffer far greater feats than simple heartache. Thank you Dan, sincerely, I will do my very best to tend to this little, lovely Shady Lady. And thank you also, for contributing a memory to my recent Sunday that resides not in the realm of the romantic unknown, but in a world of rebirth and spirit and care. Much appreciated.

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comfies said...

welcome to chez keefie, shady lady!