Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meet Corey.

While I've been known to elaborate and beat dead horses to a pulp, for now, I'll just introduce you to one mister Corey Capers. He may be, well, is, one of the most influential people I've ever met in my lil' life. Most people get asked this question at the end of their lives . . . "who were the people that had the most profound effect upon you?" Well, I may die tomorrow, hence, this question might be timely. Nevertheless, Corey is a person I would mention today, tomorrow, and even in Heaven, to help plead my case perhaps . . . Because, yep, he's been a bit of an angel to me. He would disagree with any angel parallels, nevertheless, to me, in my life, he has been one of the 5 greatest pillars of support a gal could pine for.

That said, I will let the mystery sit with you . . . and tell you of his sublmine qualities and nature later . . . because there's too much to tell now. A hint: his presence restores my hearts' abnormal beat. His company quells the rampant self doubt that plagues me, his smile automatically transforms my frown - moving it upside down. I love you Corey and can't wait to tell others why they will too . . . .

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