Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday, a lovely weekend beginning . . .

Hope you all enjoy as much as my Dad enjoyed his baguette!

To Cate, thank you, my lovely! And Matt and T . . . you make a really great baby, let's hope I can do the same some day. Especially since Uncle Will, aka Beef, is so damn good with little people! And that Pammy ain't too shabby either!

My folks came up to visit all of us . . . baby Cate and company. And PS: that lil babe is a miracle, if I could share I would, it's rather personal, but I will say this . . . she is indeed a miracle, yet not like most babies - while they all are in their own right, this lil trooper, and her Mama have survived some serious debacles while in utero, and they managed, both of them, to arrive back to us all just fine. To the powers that be, thanks much, I love them both, and cannot imagine a day without their luminous spirits. Wow, love. What love.

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