Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sounds Like Mwah . . . (moi)

What a fantastic Sunday, eh? Fog tricked us into thinking we should watch movies and drink tea. I did indeed have a cup of green tea at the salon where a minor mishap took place. My eyebrows were in need of some grooming, and as Sundays are lazy, so was I. A sensitive individual, my poor skin only reaffirmed this and told me so, to my face . . . ahem, on my face.

Note the end of pencil point photo of said infracture's invasion. Wax apparently likes me so much, it took a piece of my face home with it . . . gross, sorry. But after being mauled by hot liquid, there was no excuse not to purchase a locally made, perfect piece of featured jewelry to heal and shroud my facial wound. Feather Witch seemingly customized a clip for the hair I will now use to cover my sad, slightly furrowed brow. The second photo showcases "On the Road Again," a sweet, delightful addition to my locks that may never leave. You too can adorn your intelligent cranium by scouring her gems at Fly away pretty little birdies.

PS: is it weird that there's a photo of me . . . so much for attempts at anonymity.


comfies said...

such beautiful pictures!!! wonderful eyes you have miss moi. and beautiful feathers. xox.

Cake and Documents said...

Did someone really leave you with a waxing scar?! Frightful!