Saturday, August 25, 2007

Small Farm, Big Dreams

My first photo folks! It's a snapshot of a painting that dwells in my apartment on a wall in my room. Sometimes I want to continue the phone lines in thin black marker all the way around my room. Like the fish tail, they're stunted. But I think all those lines would be too busy and interfere with my dream sequences, or mimic the feeling of being caught in a silky spider's web.
My Dad thinks she looks like Mick Jagger.
I think she looks like a lady, a pretty, crimson lipped lady.


comfies said...

with such pretty green eyes, too...xo

molly said...

she's really beautiful. i love the idea of painting the lines thru-out your room, but, you're right, it could get a little overwhelming and mix up your dreams. Better not to interfear.