Saturday, November 1, 2008

NO . . . vember???

Really? November already? Last year at Thanksgiving I was cooking for two. This year, it'll be for one, typical. Yep, big sigh. I'll be making a delicious vegan pumpkin pie for a friend's wedding anniversary and one for a boy I know will appreciate a pie with no strings, otherwise, I'm an old maid this time around. Oh well, you know they say: if you're no good company for yourself, you're no good company. And thus far, I've found that I'm pretty fun, and my cat agrees.

Thanksgiving planning seems premature, so instead I'll share some photos of Roy again, who I miss dearly and would like to grant and give more thanks to. These photos are from his celebration of life party. He's such a stud, check him out by the pool! My sis came to town for this and we even called in the blue angles, because, if anything else, he was one.

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