Saturday, September 6, 2008

Don't ever Fayes away

Today is a big old block party on 18th street, here in San Francisco, in my neighborhood. This block is the place I first fell in love with, upon moving to the city 5 years ago in August. I knew it a bit prior to my move, via my best pal Heidi, who already set up shop on the block. After having worked at a few establishments, baby sitting local babes, and simply hanging out at my communal most laudable zones, I now know that here, I am very much at home. An extended network of dear friends are as close as family, and often as supportive too. I fell in love on this street, a girl behind the counter, who tended to flowers, all the while being sought after by a very unexpected stranger, who became familiar. I got my heart broken on this street too, exchanging records and various yours and mines at the nearby tea shop. I cannot imagine my life having lived anywhere but here, and I suppose I shouldn't because I am here now, and hopefully for days and days to come.

Fayes has been a constant, like the ink of tattoos, this place will never leave me. I spend every morning getting coffee from shining faces, who provide me with everything from caffeine to morning trivia, to my very own soundtrack for the day. And the weekends are my favorite. Time, hours, spent on the bench chatting, and catching up, sitting, sunning and just being with our little crew. There are dogs and friends, and passers by, who fall into the a.m. plot of my life and set the tone for weekend adventures to follow.

Fayes is one of the many businesses that will be celebrating an anniversary of sorts today. But in true Fayes fashion, their celebration will be specifically fun infused. A pie eating contest will take place at 2 pm. Be there. Eat pie, or at last watch someone else. I hope they taste good, for the brief moments they'll be enjoyed. Sweet Robin and I made them last night. It was way too hot to be inside, so we peeled apples at the best spot we could think of, serious prime real estate, the Fayes bench.