Sunday, January 6, 2008

Raising The Bar

Almost one week into the New Year, the day that this photo was snapped, and while not as sun filled, all certainly does look quite nice. Let's hope this pseudo warming trend continues. So today, it's Sunday and so far the forecast looks good. A productive walk with my fave pal, Pat, and some much needed down time of chatting, sipping and reminiscing, this 6th day of 2008 feels great. Last night I had the pleasure and gift of hearing a living legend play and interpret some songs of the past. Ramblin' Jack Elliot reminds me of a present day American griot. Singing his songs, as well as time tested tried and true tunes, this man truly turns the art of listening into a performance. His quintessential rambling not only sets the stage for each song, granting his audience a glimmer into his life an that of each song, he then finishes them off with appropriate educational exits. My company was another factor that set the stage for a delightful, starry filled, cloud scattered evening. I feel so lucky to have people in my life who reliably inspire, encourage and remind me just how lovely it is to simply breathe and be alive. Reveling in each other's plain existence, I can't help but thoroughly appreciate what a luxury it is to feel wanted and hopefully I succeed at returning the favor by giving that same tiny gift to those I love as well. And it is a gift, one that I often take for grated and overlook. But my date's presence is so very present and, in the words of one wise Debbie Harry, I am always touched by that presence, dear. For an energetic rock n' roll reference and lyrics that attest to such a statement, watch this.

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