Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coffee and Tea

Yesterday I posted some words and a pic for the first time in quite some time. And while I received two lovely comments (thanks T & D! ), I then panicked and removed it from public view. Here's why: I was lucky enough to be spending some quality Friday time with a dog named Moe and a boy, whose name also has three letters. We leisurely walked sweet, hyper Moe to the park and then ended up on my favorite, most prime real estate location in the city; the bench at my fave coffee/video shop. My best friend owns and delightfully operates the junction, and we chatted with him for a bit inside after ordering a divine soy latte. Meanwhile I am loving the fact that two of my most special people are in the know with each other and seemingly enjoy the respective company (big, yep, sweet sigh). MM mentioned this lil blog and that I haven't been updating it. It Might Be Cinema's title is a name I have yet to utter to said third party for fear that he'll read my neurotic dissertations and random soliloquies, some with him as the protagonist, and then abandon ship faster than you can say "ahoy!" Plus, he's no fan of blogs . . . although I think he's unaware of the myriad incarnations that they are capable of inhabiting. Nevertheless, since the post I submitted to you all yesterday was fraught with details of my like for him, I decided to remove it, in case he heard and remembers MMs web address referral. Heaven forbid he actually know how I feel!?? So, tonight, knowing that he most likely won't visit the site, as MM was quick with the tongue and release, I will reinstate some, not all, of the fun facts about this new Libra gem I have been lucky enough to share my days and spend quality time with.

There's the teapot that his Mom sent him. It's not suitable for his hefty habit and so he re gifted it to me, an honor I say, and thank you. He thought it would match my kitchen's motif - and yes folks, he's right, it does. Then there are the sublime acoustic renditions of old blues tunes he plays, not necessarily for me, but with me . . . I may be a small one, but I am a good audience. And perhaps it's the new back light and lock that he gifted Cherry Cola (my bike) with. While it's up to me to get the helmet, I am forever grateful that thanks to him, night drivers and riders will always steer clear of my flashing rear. And since my brain often experiences great lapses in time and space, I am also anticipating never having to say "shoot" because I forgot my lock and we're already there . . . it's attached to my bike now, hence, problem solved. This character comes up with a new nickname for me twice daily, he is sympathetic to my non-dairy eating predicament, he takes me places and shows me thing about SF and SK I never knew existed. And to that I raise my cup of tea and say cheers.

And like yesterday's glimpse of a post, I'll say again . . . let's not jinx this one, eh?


molly said...

well, aren't i the sorry one for missing it! just back in town, with too big a break from blogs, but i'm TRULY happy (understatement) that i 'm lucky enuf to know about IMBC and you, personally. He sounds like a lucky boy, too...

Katharine said...

Hey sweet mama, keep enjoying the ride and have faith that TT is simply enamored with you, who are just an amazing creature. xoxo -Kat, like Pat, but not.